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How to make arm wraps without actually using arm wraps!


So recently as some of you may know I had to figure out how to make these green arm wraps in the picture below

I wanted them to be one piece so that they wouldn’t have to be adjusted throughout the day if parts decided to slip, especially since the original plan was to tuck the shirt into them. I searched the internet for a while but couldn’t find anything too helpful so I decided to make it up as I went along and took pictures so I could share in the event it worked. (It did)
This process should work for just about any wrap you want to create for instance things like this as well…




There isn’t much to it but I took a lot of pictures, so here we go.
First things first, you’ll want to wrap what ever part of your body you are making the wrap for in plastic wrap (we use this method frequently). Mine was just the forearm so it looked like this


Then wrap it again in tape, masking tape works nicely.

After that you want to draw where the seam is going to be and cut along it like so


Once you have the piece disconnected from your body you want to flatten it, I placed my piece under a pile of binders for about a day

While you are waiting you can get started on the strips of fabric you’ll be using later. Figure out how thick you want the bands to look and measure them out of the fabric you are using

Don”t forget to add a seam allowance, like I did. The length of the strips doesn’t really matter right now, as long as it’s long enough to wrap around your arm once you should be fine. I cut out 12 to be on the safe side. You should have something like this.


Once I had the strips cut out I folded the seam allowance over on all of them, this made it easier later when I attached them to the main piece.


You can then put the strips to the side and go back to the main pattern piece. For the forearm it should look something like this once flattened


You’ll want to clean up the edges with the plastic hanging off and then transfer the pattern piece onto a piece of paper, again making sure to add seam allowance around the edges.

Once you’ve traced around the whole thing you can cut it out and that will be the pattern for the main piece of your arm wrap. Use the pattern to cut out a piece in the fabric you are using and together with your straps your pieces should look like this.

You want to sew on the strips one at a time, starting from one end then making your way to the other. I started from the bottom. Pin the strip onto the main piece along the hem you already created like this

You then want to sew the strip down along the top and bottom edge. There will be fabric hanging off from the strip, you want your seam to stay in between the edges of the main piece. After that is sewn on cut off any extra material from the strip.

It should look something like this

Continue with the other strips. I attached mine diagonally for the most part. When I was done attaching my strips (I only used 6) this is what I had.

Sew your side seams together.

And then hem the top and bottom.

Viola! You should have an arm (body) wrap that you won’t have to wrap!


(I didn’t hem the top because I attached it directly to the shirt)
Also it should be noted stretch material should probably be used. 
Hope it helps someone! :)


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Title: The Honeyed Taste of Foolish You
Artist: Box Right Tamy

Scans/Typesetting: Mitsu
Translation/Cleaning: Spicy Diamond

One of Kanato’s chapters out of the Diabolik Lovers Anime Anthology.


Here’s some tips, of course nothing professional, but things I’ve learned myself.

Hope it helps some of you guys. ovo





I could have used this information over the last 29 years of my god damn life

My mom taught me to pack like this and she gets mad when I come to visit and sees that I don’t use it.

I need to remember this for uniforms.

Oh my god, I am learning this ASAP. HOW DID I NOT KNOW OF THIS BEFORE?!

(Source: neverforget14)

Ramen-Noodle Budget Cosplay 3:


Time to learn to make one of Sinbad’s necklaces on the cheap. This was honestly the hardest challenge I’ve ever had with costuming, but hopefully this will make it easy for you. 

What You Need: 

-Hot Glue Gun

- Spray Paint (one Primer, one Gold, which you should have left over if you also made the bracers).

-1 box of dominoes

-1 spool of plain ribbon. 

-1 bag of square gemstones

-1 tube of puffy fabric paint

- 1 suitable necklace, or three round gemstones dyed red. (see previous Tutorial 2 for how to dye gemstones). 

What to Do: 

Part 1:
The first step is to make the base for the necklace. The easiest way to do measure out your ribbon the length you want the necklace to be, plus a few inches on each side. This is going to be the base of your necklace, and I recommend a medium thick ribbon so the necklace doesn’t try to flip up. 

Once that’s done, glue tops of the dominoes securely onto the ribbon.

imageThis is the back of the dominoes attached to the ribbon. 

You will want to decorate the flat side of the dominoes, which should look like this: 


Part 2:

Once everything has been glued you should have a long strand of dominoes+ribbon. Now it’s time to decorate. You will need two things to add dimension. I found a bag of 50 square gemstones at Jo-Anne’s fabric in their jewelry section, and used Puffy fabric paint to add another layer. 

imageDon’t worry about the colour of the gemstones, we’re going to paint over them. 

Fabric paint is found in the clothing/crafts section of most stores and looks like this:


I placed each gemstones in the center of the domino with hot glue, then added my own design on the top and bottom of the domino. Anything really to keep it from looking like a blank square of plastic. 

Remember: Keep the three middle dominoes free of any decoration. and the last three on each end. 

Once the puffy paint has dried (takes about an hour to really set), take the necklace outside and coat it in a layer of primer paint, and then two layers of gold spray paint. 

The finished product: 


Part 3: 

You’re almost done! Whoo! 

So, now you have a gold necklace, it’s time to close the loop. 

Take the last three dominoes on each end and attach them together using hot glue. Once you’re done with that, a little extra glue around the edges helps them stick together not problem. I’ve been able to run about in my necklace and it hasn’t budged one bit. 



Part 4: 

Time to add the last bit of decoration to the necklace, the three red gemstones. You can either dye your own gemstones, or if you’re lucky like me you can pick up a necklace at Forever 21 and paint the green stones red. 

I deconstructed the necklace from this: 


To this: 


and as you can see, attached the three middle links to the middle of the necklace. 

And voila: 


Total cost: 

Dominoes: $1 (at Dollar Tree)

Ribbon: $1 (at Dollar Tree)

Puffy Paint: $2 (Jo-Anne’s)

Gemstones: $2 for Fifty. (Jo-Anne’s)

Necklace: $5 (at Forever 21)

Paint and Hot glue: No cost, as I already had them lying around. 

Total time: 5 hours.




a-pttttbbbblllththth a-ptttbbbblllththth

I never thought this sound would be represented in letters.

If you didn’t try to make this sound after seeing this gif, then you’re way too normal.




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